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NewPay is an entirely Bulgarian online payment method that provides consumers and owners of online stores with an innovative way of payment - "buy now, pay later". At the heart of the "buy now, pay later" model, known worldwide as the BNPL, is the ability for customers to defer payment for up to 15 days without any increase in price or reschedule it to 3 or 6 equal monthly installments. NewPay provides users with a perfect customer experience, and online merchants with an attractive and advantageous payment method.

Due to the lack of a minimum order requirement, with NewPay one can postpone payments for goods that have not typically had such an option so far - clothing, accessories, cosmetics, toys and more.
BNPL is one of the top fintech trends of the last couple of years. NewPay is growing its list of partners every day and can now confirm its successful collaboration with a number of popular online platforms and stores.