Financial Apps / MFG


Super app for super life!
  • Founded: 2020
  • Type: Public Company
Rilla’s team believe that the future of finance is intuitive, digital and accessible to everyone. Rilla is a mobile application where the most frequently used financial services are a few clicks away and at no extra charge. After registration one receives a free IBAN account - no fees for opening, maintenance or closing. From it one can make free and instant money transfers to Rilla users. In the application people can pay their household bills, make bank transfers, find online insurance and apply for a credit limit. The Rilla Daily credit score is fully automated and takes minutes, and upon approval the amount is available immediately. In the near future, Rilla will add debit cards, installment loans and other flexible products that make everyday life easier.

Rilla is evolving every day and will offer more and more diverse services. No opening hours, paper documents and service fees. Rilla gives people the freedom to manage their money with ease.