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AXI Card Poland

AXI Card is part of Digital and Credit Cards Division of MFG and is currently present as а brand on 4 European markets.
  • Founded: 2018
  • Type: Public Company
AXI Card is a credit card with fast, modern and personalized service. The brand is inspired by the active lifestyle of urban people for whom time is money. The credit card is aimed at the mass segment of financial services users. Applying for an AXI Card credit card is completely online with fast approval and attractive terms of use and a credit limit that is fully tailored to suit the customer’s individual profile.

An international expansion of the brand was initiated in the same year in Romania, and in 2018, the AXI Card model was replicated in Poland as well. In 2021 the brand established its presence in Spain. Next in the pipeline for MFG’s International Digital and Credit Cards Division is entering the US market as well as opening another Western European market.