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Instinct Insurance

Instinct JSC is an insurance company, part of MFG, with a license for general insurance, according to Article 29, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Insurance Code of Bulgaria.
  • Founded: 2023
  • Type: JSC
The new company in MFG's portfolio enriches the range of financial services offered by the group.

Instinct is here to change the common perception of insurance companies in the market by being:
  • Faster: Make quick decisions, process payments promptly, and provide rapid feedback.
  • Easier: Simplify processes and communicate in an accessible and straightforward way.
  • More caring: Put the client at the center of everything - from decisions and products to processes.
  • More transparent: Clear terms and conditions. All information is readily available to the client.
  • More innovative: Create new and different solutions that align with modern trends.