Our first-ever children's Surva workshop was held at MFG headquarters in the beginning of February 2024. 

The bring-your-kid-to-work event not only brought joy to our colleagues and their children but also served as a unique opportunity to strengthen our company culture and showcase our commitment to fostering a family-friendly workplace. 

Our central office transformed into a lively hub of creativity and imagination. Survakari, Kukeri, Babugeri, Chaushi, and Dzamalari filled our hallways, brought to life by the imagination and talent of our little guests. 

It was a chance for them to learn more about the history and traditions of those folklore characters, as they crafted their own colorful masks. The kids learned about the history and traditions of the Surva holiday from the specially curated presentation. The youngest ones were not forgotten, as illustrations of mischievous Kukeri were distributed for coloring with bright pastels. The workshop concluded with a delicious treat for all our tireless artisans, and some of the masks found a new home. 

Our inspiration to surprise the children during this holiday season came from Easy Credit's participation in the Surva Folk Festival in Pernik and from our colleague Mitko Parapunov, regional manager for Razlog and Yakoruda in Easy Credit, who provided authentic Kukeri masks and models for the company's stand. Read his story here (in Bulgarian). 

At MFG, we build communities and promote a healthy work-life balance. We are happy to welcome our colleagues and their families to special internal and external events aligned with our values and our promise as a company to ourselves, our loved ones, our customers and society.