At MFG, one of the leading values is humanity. We believe in the power of doing good that is shared and inspires us to be better people and colleagues. We are aware of our place and influence in society and readily assist people and communities in difficulty.

On the first weekend of February, volunteers from the entire MFG group participated in a two-day action in the "Mother and Baby" unit of the Association Animus Foundation in Sofia. During this time, colleagues from Easy Credit, Viva Credit, Access Finance & Biala Karta, MFG, Smart IT, together with the team and mothers from the unit, cleaned and prepared for painting five kitchen areas and treated against mold and cleaned two bathrooms. We painted the kitchen areas in a spring color to bring light and freshness to the daily life of the residents of the complex.

Volunteering is an invariable part of life in the MFG group, because we believe that the power of good is in the outstretched hand of each one of us. Humanity and responsibility are among the core values of MFG. Over the years, colleagues in the various companies have been part of numerous actions on reforestation, improvement of urban spaces, repairs and renovations in social and protected spaces, work with people and groups at risk, educational initiatives and many others.